Aromatherapy uses the therapeutic power of essential oils to help the body heal itself through their beneficial action on the body, mind and emotions. It is a holistic therapy which treats the whole person as an individual, not a group of symptoms thus promoting a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used to promote well being and improve the quality of life for centuries. Records show their use in Chinese and Indian healing before 2000 BC. Every oil has its own therapeutic properties and their wonderful aromas can relax or stimulate you.

Essential oils can be used in creams, inhalations or fragrant baths, but when combined with massage they provide a uniquely relaxing experience.

How will you benefit from an Aromatherapy massage?

An Aromatherapy Massage uses a series of movements which have a direct effect on the organs and system of the body. The essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and by inhalation where they act on the hormones and autonomic nervous system.

Skin tone and elasticity may improve as the increased circulation helps to exfoliate the superficial layer of dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal.

Muscular problems such as stiffness and joint problems may be eased by the increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. The expulsion of waste products may be improved thereby aiding conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism.

The Lymphatic System is stimulated which may improve the removal of excess fluid and toxins from the tissues which can aid cellulite and fluid retention. This may strengthen the immune system allowing the body to fight infection and disease more effectively.

The Nervous System is soothed or stimulated depending on the oils used which may aid neurological problems or stress-related conditions and can uplift you, making you feel 'at peace with the world.

The Digestive System may be improved and calmed aiding conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion and constipation.

Hormonal problems such as PMT, menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms may be alleviated by the balancing effects of carefully chosen oils.

An Aromatherapy Massage soothes and relaxes the mind, easing tension and headaches. You'll feel calm and ready to enjoy life to the full.